I'm KidWiseman, a Los Angeles based Street Artist. 
I'm fed up with the system for denying youth the right to be themselves. They muzzle self-expression and cram everyone into arbitrary categories designed for one purpose; perpetuating the status quo. I refuse to sit back and watch creativity die before it even begins. Using the world’s most despised art form as a revolutionary weapon I spread hope and opportunity to those labeled as delinquent failures. I aim to be the largest public voice for the youth to express themselves creatively.  

KidWiseman and his supporters identify open walls all over Los Angeles. These walls can be any

surface style, shape, location, and size. Once the wall is confirmed KidWiseman invites local students to participate, providing them with a chance to express themselves, gain experience, and positively shape their community. The KidWiseman team captures the process with an array of video equipment then shares the content so anyone can be a part of the experience. Finally we release single run,
wall-inspired apparel that helps fund upcoming projects.

From canvas to large scale buildings, KidWiseman is ready to paint at any magnitude. A master in a plethora of tools and numerous mediums. With access to all necessary equipment for each project we ensure that we can handle any size job in a timely manner.

Offering the full experience, our team specializes in capturing and producing the highest end HD cinema for video and photography in film, TV digital and commercial outlets. KidWiseman is equipped for full scope production: creative, video, photo, aerial cinema, lighting, and design.


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For additional info please contact me at info.kidwiseman@gmail.com